Because of the importance of the role that researches play in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences; the Faculties of Arts and Humanities and the Administrative Sciences, Alandalus University – Republic of Yemen, are preparing to hold The First Scientific Conference on Humanities & Social Sciences (SCHSS), including most of the specializations in such fields.
Therefore, the faculties (Arts and Humanities and Administrative Sciences) are pleased to call upon researchers from all over Yemeni and Arab Universities (private or public) as well as those interested in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences to attend and participate in the conference by submitting their researches/scientific papers to be evaluated and discussed thoroughly by an elite group of Yemeni and Arab professors specialized in the fields.
The faculties also call on relevant local and foreign institutions and organizations to submit their participations and scientific posters on Humanities and Social Sciences.

General Information

  • Title of the Conference: The First Scientific Conference on Humanities & Social Sciences (SCHSS)
  • Place: Alandalus University Head Office, Sana'a – Republic of Yemen
  • Time: 4- 5 , February 2018
  • Sponsorship: The conference is held under the sponsorship of the Yemeni Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Goals of The Conference

  1. Encouraging researchers, in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, to provide researches/papers that contribute to the process of development.
  2. Creating a gathering opportunity for researchers and those interested in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences to exchange their scientific thoughts and information, and present them in the presence of an elite group of specialized professors.
  3. Contribution to the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences with distinctive and characterized researches which focus on the contemporary issues.
  4. Propping up the relevant competent bodies with the most important outcomes to make use of them.

Important Dates

  •   Deadline for receiving papers: 1/12/2017
  •   Announcement of Accepted papers: 1/1/2018
  •   Date of the Conference: 4 – 5 / 2 / 2018

Conference Main Themes

There are four main themes which will be highlighted during the conference:

  1. Humanities and their role in development
  2. Languages and their role in cultural communication
  3. Educational studies and their role in development
  4. Administrative studies and their role in improving the performance
  5. Accounting and its vital role in development

Scope (Areas)

The fields, derived from the above main themes, which are covered by the conference are:

  1. Religious Sciences
  2. Science of Language
  3. Literature
  4. Translation
  5. Educational Sciences
  6. Psychology
  7. Law
  8. Sociology & History
  9. Media & Communication
  10. Administrative Sciences
  11. Marketing
  12. Economics
  13. Accounting

Terms of Participation in the Conference

Research papers must meet the following terms in order to be accepted in the conference:

  1. Authenticity, subjectivity and scientific methodology
  2. Paper is accepted if it has not been participated and published at any conference or symposium, or submitted for publication. It mustn't also be part of a published book.
  3. Papers must be within the scope of the conference mentioned above.
  4. Papers must personify the conference slogan (Knowledge Builds Nations), through their connection with the human, administrative, social, cultural, economic, legal, Islamic, media and educational reality of nations.
  5. Papers are accepted whether they are written in Arabic or English.
  6. Researcher(s) should provide a soft copy of his/her paper, (typed and submitted on Microsoft word format, an A4 page size ). The researcher's C.V. must be attached in a separate file and submitted to the conference secretaries, along with the research file, either on a CD Room or via the following emails: (for papers on the Humanities) and (for papers on social and administrative sciences).
  7. Papers are, as a prerequisite for admission in the conference and publication in its book, subject to the following criteria:
    • The abstract, English or Arabic, shall not exceed (500) words.
    • The number of research/paper pages shall not exceed (30) pages, including sources and references.
    • Papers should be written with Traditional Arabic font, the size of which is 16 point for the content and 12 in the margins (for papers written in Arabic); and with Times New Roman font, the size of which is 12 point in the content and 10 point in the margins (for papers written in English).
    • The contents of a paper are ordered in the following way: introduction/background of subject, research problem, objectives, questions, hypothesis (if any), methodology, procedures followed, and research findings and discussion.
  8. Papers are subject to validation by the Technical Committee of the conference to identify whether they are accepted in the conference or not, that the accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.


Participants intend to attend and participate in the conference can register through the following link Click Here Registration includes the stationery required for the conference, tea break, lunch and internal transportation. Costs of Hotel and other accommodations are to be on the account of the participant.

Steering Committee

  • Prof. Ahmed Mohammed Burqa'an – the Chairman of the Conference, Chairman of the Committee
  • Assoc. Prof. Abdulla A. Bukeir - Deputy Chairman of the Committee
  • Assoc. Prof. Abdulla Abass Almahrazi - Committee Member
  • Dr. Jubr Alsanabani - Committee Member

Preparatory Committee

  • Assoc. Prof. Abdulla A. Bukeir - Chairman of the Executive Committee - Tel. 777453675, email address:
  • Dr. Jubr A. Alsanabani - Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee – Tel: 777435376, email address:
  • Assoc. Prof. Muttee'a M. Shaballah - Committee Member, Tel: 771674490, email address:
  • Dr. Fuad Ali Alyarimi - Committee Member, Tel: 772771150, email address:
  • Assoc. Prof. Ali Abdullah Siraj - Committee Member, Tel: 771895479, email address:
  • Prof. Sharuf Ali Alshahari - Committee Member, Tel: 777906514, email address:
  • Dr. Abdullqader Ahmed Alhawtheri - Committee Member, Tel: 777341848, email address:
  • Dr. Abdullh Ali Aleryani – Committee Member, Tel: 773123564, email address:
  • Dr. Wa'el Ahmed Almadhaji – Committee Member, Tel: 777532228, email address:
  • Dr. Abdullah S. Alkanda - Committee Member, Tel: 777467704, email address:

Secretarial & Public Relations Committee

  • Mr. Nashwan Ali Nashwan – Chairman of the Committee, Tel: 777991154, email address:
  • Mr. Adeeb Ahmed Alomari - Vice- chairman of the Committee, Tel: 773628063, email address:
  • Mr. Abdullrahman Alkhalidi - Committee Member, Tel: 775268996, email address:
  • Mr. Hussien Hammod Alomaisi - Committee Member, Tel: 771607828, email address:
  • Mr. Khaleel Mohsen Alwaheeb – Deputy Secretary of the Conference, Tel: 771514713, email address:
  • Mr. Ahmed Alnumair - Committee Member, Tel: 770596912 , email address:
  • Ms. Linna Naji Alwajeh –Secretary Member , Tel: 773545811, email address:

Technical Committee

  1. Prof. Khalid Kamal Alttaher, Ancient Literature and Criticism , Alazhur University – Egypt
  2. Prof. Su'ad Abdullqader Besnassi, Language Jurisprudence and Linguistics , Wahran Ahmed Bin BellaUniversity – Algeria
  3. Prof. Hussien Mohmammed Alqarni, Morphology and Syntax , Omm Alqura University – KSA
  4. Prof. Khalid Ali Alqazali, Modern Literature and Criticism, Sana'a University – Yemen
  5. Assoc. Prof. Taha Hussien Alhadhrami, Arabic Language & Literature – Hadhramout University – Yemen
  6. Prof. Ahmed M. Burga'an, Educational Management, Hadhrmout University and Alandalus University – Yemen
  7. Prof. Qaid Dabwan A. Farea, Curricula & Methods of Teaching English, Ibb University – Yemen
  8. Assoc. Prof. Yahya A. Quttran, Learning Technologies – Sana'a University – Yemen
  9. Prof. Sharuf Ahmed Alshahari, Education Principles – Hadhrmout University – Yemen
  10. Prof. Abu Bukr Mohsen Alhamid, Translation & Literature – Aden University – Yemen
  11. Prof. Mohammed Alkharbi, Translation, Sana'a University – Yemen
  12. Prof. Khalid Balkhasher, Literature, Hadhrmout University – Yemen
  13. Prof. Abdullrahman Aldarbji, Translation, Sana'a University – Yemen
  14. Dr. Ali Alward, Linguistics, Science and Technology University – Yemen
  15. Dr. Abdullhameed Alshuja'a, Linguistics, Sana'a University – Yemen
  16. Assoc. Prof. Ahmed Alabassi, Translation – Sana'a University – Yemen
  17. Dr. Abdullmalik Alsalwi, Linguistics, Taiz University – Yemen
  18. Dr. Abdullah Ali Aleryani, Linguistics, Thamar University – Yemen
  19. Assoc. Prof. Abdulla A. Bukeir, English Literature – Alandalus University – Yemen
  20. Dr. Iberaheem Tajaldeen, English Literature, Sana'a University – Yemen
  21. Dr. Yahya M. Al-marrani, Linguistics, Sana'a University - Yemen
  22. Dr. Mohammed H. Almahfadi, English Literature and Criticism, Baidha'a University – Yemen
  23. Assoc. Prof. Mutee'a M. Shaballa, Comparative Jurisprudence (Fiqh) – Sana'a University – Yemen
  24. Assoc. Prof. Ali Abdullah Siraj, Tradition (Hadeeth) & its Sciences – Alandalus University – Yemen
  25. Assoc. Prof. Ahmed Alawami, Curricula & Methods – Sana'a University – Yemen
  26. Dr. Ali Hussien Muthana, Tradition (Hadeeth), Sana'a University – Yemen
  27. Dr. Abdullataif Hayel, Qurran Interpretation, Sana'a University – Yemen
  28. Dr. Ahmed Mazro'a, Doctrine (Aqeedah), Thamar University – Yemen
  29. Dr. Mujahid Hadi, Qurran Readings, Sana'a University – Yemen
  30. Prof. Mohammed Alshuja'a, Comparative Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Sana'a University – Yemen
  31. Prof. Hassen Shaballa, Tradition (Hadeeth) & its Sciences, Ibb University – Yemen
  32. Assoc. Prof. Majid M. Shaballa, Doctrine (Aqeedah), Ibb University – Yemen
  33. Assoc. Prof. Sa'eed M. Alhadad, Qurran Interpretation– Taiz University – Yemen
  34. Assoc. Prof. Ahmed M. Alshattbi, Educational Management & Planning – Sana'a University – Yemen
  35. Prof. Ahmed Mutaher Aqabat, Radio & Television, Sana'a University – Yemen
  36. Dr. Saleh Humaid, Publics Communication, Sana'a University – Yemen
  37. Dr. Nabeel Alobaidi, Political Communication, Sana'a University – Yemen
  38. Dr. Yussif Salmman, Radio & Television, Science & Technology University – Yemen
  39. Dr. Abdullkareem Alwasabi, Radio & Television, Community Faculty, Sana'a – Yemen
  40. Dr. Belqeese Alwan, Radio & Television, Sana'a University – Yemen
  41. Dr. Abdullah Alkanda, Political Sciences, Sana'a University – Yemen
  42. Dr. Mariam Aljawfi, Law, Sana'a University – Yemen
  43. Dr. Mohammed A. Almahbashi, Civil Law, Sana'a University – Yemen
  44. Dr. Mohammed Aldaroobi, Rights, Sana'a University – Yemen
  45. Dr. Wa'el A. Almathehaji, International Law, Alandalus University – Yemen
  46. Dr. Jubr A. Alsanbani, Business Management, Community Faculty - Sanhan, Sana'a – Yemen
  47. Dr. Fuad A. Alyarimi, Computer Sciences, Alandalus University – Yemen
  48. Prof. Abdullah Ali Alqurashi, Financial Management, Thamar University – Yemen
  49. Dr. Sa'eed A. Annam, Business Management, Modern Sciences University – Yemen
  50. Dr. Jamal Darhem Zeid, Business Management, Sciences & Technology University – Yemen
  51. Prof. Jamal Nasser Alkomaim, Quality Management, Hodiadah University – Yemen
  52. Prof. Bakri A. M. Mohammed, Business Management, Science & Perfection University – Sudan
  53. Dr. Sami M. Alhadhri, Business Management, Utara University – Malaysia
  54. Assoc. Prof. Nurri Aljena'ee, Business Management, Science & Technology University – Iraq
  55. Dr. Radhwan Ali Khalid, Cost Accounting, Ammran University – Yemen
  56. Dr. Yasser Mahyoub Alqaisi, Business Management, Sciences & Technology University – Yemen
  57. Dr. Hameed A. Maswaq, Financial Accounting, Ammran University – Yemen
  58. Assoc. Prof. Fuad A. Alofairi, Costs, Ibb University – Yemen
  59. Assoc. Prof. Mohammed H. Alsamhi, Accounting Information Systems, Ibb University – Yemen
  60. Dr. Abdu N. Alshareef, Business Management, Yemeni Academia – Yemen
  61. Assoc. Prof. Tawfeeq Ahmed Qatran, Business Management, Aljawf University – KSA
  62. Dr. Mohammed Naji Atiya, Business Management, Alandalus University – Yemen
  63. Dr. Ahmed M. Albayadhi, Auditing, Ammran University – Yemen
  64. Dr. Ammar M. Alqaisi, Accounting, Community Faculty - Sanhan – Yemen
  65. Dr. Abdullqani Dawman, Financial Accounting, Arabic Academia – Yemen
  66. Dr. Tariq A. Aljuma'ee, International Auditing, Alandalus University – Yemen
  67. Dr. Abdullah Altawqi, Economy, Ammran University – Yemen
  68. Dr. Abdullah Altaiyub, Accounting, Sana'a University – Yemen
  69. Dr. Methaq Rajih, Cost Accounting, National University – Yemen
  70. Dr. Mohammed Alhussaini, Governmental Accounting, Ammran University – Yemen
  71. Assoc. Prof. Mohammed M. Khalid, Administrative Accounting, Thamar University – Yemen
  72. Assoc. Prof. Abdullqader Ahmed Alhawthari, Auditing, Alandalus University – Yemen
  73. Dr. Nadeem Altarzi, Law, Police Academy – Yemen

Contact Details

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